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Join La Plaza


Why Membership?

At La Plaza everyone is valued, heard and supported. We value the diversity our members bring to our community. Our Member’s voice is our guidance to bring equitable practices as service providers and culturally competent support. Together we cultivate community, together we transform our grand valley, together we grow our Plaza. 


Our membership benefits include: 

  • Group transportation to La Plaza for resources nights and activities

  • Educational classes (English classes and life skills)

  • Support and services from Resource Navigator

  • Access to our food pantry

  • Access to our Hot meal program

  • 50% discount to fee based events

  • Eligibility to apply for direct assistance program

  • Onsite interpretation and translation

  • Access to our Bike program

Become a member today!

Please call our Community Navigator, Amanda Perez, 970-464-5226.


Volunteering at La Plaza is a great way to support the hands that harvest your food. We envision a community where everyone feels welcome, valued and respected. Our hands-on work helps us build a united community. Join our team to plan/support our events and activities that fosters and serves our diverse community. We highly value your time and efforts in assisting us, your support is vital to accomplish our vision. Whatever time you spend volunteering, we are grateful for your important contribution to the operation of La Plaza.

Some of our volunteering activities include:

  • Resource /Hot meal nights

  • Special events  onsite planning and fundraisers

  • Food drives

  • Office support 

  • Community outreach


Become a volunteer today!

Please fill out our registration form to sign up as a volunteer.


Community Resource Navigation

The migrant and immigrant workers we support face several barriers to accessing the community resources support. Our members often do not know about available resources, have limited or no transportation, and require translation/interpretation services to engage with community providers. La Plaza outreach and navigation services are designed to help bridge the equity gap for migrant and immigrant workers. Our Community Navigator facilitates connections for our members and empowers them to build self-reliance in navigating resources in the community.


Resource and Educational program

Hot meal program was one of our most established programs. It weaves together food access, volunteerism and community building. Today hot meals are a key component of our resource and educational program. Meals are served twice a month during the growing season. Our hot meals build community and social connections but they double as “ Resource Nights” that allow our members to connect with community resources in a safe space. Our Resource Nights also focus on life skill building and listening sessions so that members help steer our organization.

Health Clinics

La Plaza  works with community partners to offer on-site health clinics once per  month during the growing season. Clinics support workers and their families with both acute, chronic and preventative health care. By offering the clinics at a site that is known and trusted by workers and their families, barriers such as transportation, language access, and unfamiliar providers are reduced.We are grateful to these organizations for their partnership: Marillac Clinic, Mesa County Health Department and Vision Health International.


Basic Needs

La Plaza support provides seasonal food pantry access and free or  low-cost clothing. La Plaza  maintains a discretionary fund for emergency assistance related to housing/utilities. We know that small, well-timed financial assistance can prevent minor issues from snowballing to major consequences. By providing oversight for 4 farmworker housing units we ensure that migrant agricultural workers have access to safe and healthy living environments last year.



Migrant and seasonal farmworkers are at great risk of health disparities, as they are less likely to have secure and consistent housing, education, healthcare, social networks, and community resources. La Plaza works closely with community resources to ensure equitable access and benefit from the resources that make our members' lives better. The Engagement & Empowerment project; a collaboration with the Mesa County Hunger Alliance to increase cultural responsiveness and equity-based practices in hunger relief organizations. La Plaza is an organizational leader of this effort, and will employ the full-time project coordinator

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