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Cultivating community in a welcoming place.

La Plaza is a nonprofit organization that supports the health and wellbeing of migrant and immigrant communities in Mesa County, Colorado. Through empowerment and advocacy we ensure that our members and their families are able to equitably access and benefit from the resources that make all of our lives better.

La Plaza Members Served
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Core areas empowerment

Food, health, housing, education, advocacy


“Personally, I feel welcome at La Plaza because they have always helped me with my needs, I invite you to visit them, they can help you with your needs”

— Benny, La Plaza member


La Plaza supported a woman whose husband died unexpectedly. Her limited English made it very difficult for her to access the social security benefits owed to her infant daughter. La Plaza walked her through the process and advocated for her at the Social Security office, allowing her to access the benefits needed to care for her children.

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La Plaza supported a family who arrived without a job, income, or credit that would allow them to secure housing. They secured housing with our support of our resource navigator. We connected them to English classes at the library and will be supporting them as they seek to build their qualifications for work in the U.S.


Join us in our mission to cultivate community

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